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In every disruption, there is opportunity. But before you can find the right response to today’s challenges, you need to make sure you and your people are asking the right questions. Today’s leaders need to dive deeper and think more clearly about implications and opportunities of every change of direction. We serve as trusted and experienced guides in unfamiliar waters, helping you find the best course of action.

What’s On Tap

The history of the world is the story of men and women selling themselves short.


Has there ever been a time where leadership demanded more clarity of thought? Clarity only comes from asking the right questions. Reservoir is dedicated to the idea that everyone can change, that everyone can make a difference in our times, that everyone is happiest when they are most effective. What we do as individuals means something, but what we do together means everything.

Why Reservoir?

Reservoir’s five principal partners bring an unprecedented depth and diversity of experience and expertise, offering an infusion of collective wisdom that guides you in extracting your own powerful vision of the future. Working with Reservoir is like having a personal management faculty at your disposal.

Each member of the team has been at this work for more than 30 years, advising some of the world’s most respected companies.

  • One is a former CEO of a global organization.
  • One has a deep background in public relations and crisis management.
  • One is an expert on management psychology.
  • One is an authority on data- and evidence-based management.
  • One is a master of leadership coaching and personal performance.

Times of transition and change bring problems that call for advice that’s not technical or financial, but deeply human, rooted in your own cultural ground and connected to the times in which you live and work.

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What Reservoir Does.

We work with CEO and C-Suite leaders as trusted advisors, guides and facilitators for teams who want to outperform expectations. We provide executive coaching at the CEO level, providing a safe sounding board to explore ideas and innovations, consulting on strategic, governance and cultural issues, and providing human performance coaching for top performance. We coach for deeper, more rewarding leadership lives. We facilitate strategic and innovation development, helping organizations generate their own, highly resonant vision of the future in which they can play a powerful role.

Building leadership teams of high-functioning, highly collaborative men and women drives organizational maturity. We facilitate leadership laboratories that get to the core of issues within the team, bringing clarity to right action, healing broken dynamics and accelerating strategic implementation. And we provide on-going leadership and personal counseling to all team members.

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