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Reservoir provides executive coaching at the CEO level, acting as trusted advisors, providing a safe sounding-board to explore ideas and innovations, consulting on strategic, governance and cultural issues and human performance coaching for top performance. We coach for deeper, more rewarding leadership lives.

We offer the following programs for leaders seeking to excel in times of disruption.

The Power to Be Yourself: One-on-One Counsel. Every leader needs a trusted listener with experience to offer advice and counsel. We offer more than that: a core team of seasoned advisors who work together to provide a powerful backstop for leadership challenges. Uniquely, leaders work with a team with incredible in-depth experience and perspective. The group provides insight to help each executive frame the story of their time and tenure, providing thought-leadership and messaging to provide a foundation for robust organizational engagement.

A Time to Be Genuinely Vulnerable: CEO Forum. By bringing CEOs of similar size organizations together across multiple disciplines for conversations and exploration, these retreats provide a safe place for self and process discovery. A gathering of four to five CEOs of like-sized companies that begins with an opening evening dinner and discussion and then a full day workshopping leadership issues with Reservoir advisors. Each CEO works with an assigned Reservoir advisor in advance of the Forum to assist in surfacing issues and structuring questions that focus the Forum on common issues most important to the leaders. These forums help the CEO develop powerful insights, try out new ideas on others, and focus their time on developing authenticity for their leadership style. The advisory team provides instantaneous feedback by describing models used for successfully handling similar issues with other clients in the past.

The Starting Gate: CEO Transitions. For leadership teams and their boards overseeing the transition to a new CEO, whether he or she is coming from within the organization or without, Reservoir provides an on-site onboarding, executive assimilation experience. This helps the incoming leader get up to speed in an accelerated program to better understand the concerns of their constituency and for the board and internal leaders to understand the new CEO. It’s critical that this be facilitated by experienced third-party advisors to guard against group-think in the leadership ranks. A new administration needs to start with an objective, open-minded evaluation of the current situation.

Toward Better Governance: Board Member Onboarding. The rules and responsibilities for taking a governance position on a corporate or non-profit board are not often clearly understood. We help on-board new directors so they can make their most effective contribution to the organization.

The Start-Up Leader: Building Entrepreneurial Leadership Power. VC and equity funds investing in start up companies are investing almost entirely in the behaviors and beliefs of the top people in the new company. We can help increase success by guiding young leaders in their early organizational growth.

“A company’s very survival depends on its ability to develop independent leaders below the top who are capable of taking top command themselves.”—Peter F. Drucker

Building a powerful leadership bench is a critical leadership skill. Reservoir provides vital resources for building a strong C-Suite team and a vibrant pipeline of next generation talent.

A Team of Leaders: C-Suite Retreats and Support. A leadership team of high-functioning, highly collaborative leaders drives organizational maturity. We lead C-Suite retreats that help leaders get to the core of issues with their team, healing broken dynamics and accelerating action. But great leadership teams aren’t built in a day or weekend. They are sustained by on-going leadership and career counseling of all team members.

Step into the Spotlight: C-Suite Onboarding. Helping newly promoted members of the leadership team get of on the right foot is critical to C-Suite success. We facilitate successful integration into the C-Suite, with a focus on helping leaders create the right culture of leadership.

Removing Roadblocks: Managing Executive Interventions:  Someone gets promoted to VP level and it’s not working out. Is it them or is it a dynamic in the team that’s spitting them out? Either way, it’s worth it to the company to invest in trying to save the situation. We work to identify the issues, identify growth areas and change behaviors.

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