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Reservoir believes the communication of leadership is the most important job you can do in an organization. For the CEO, communicating what your administration stands for and how you intend to engage your constituents in moving forward must be at the top of your critical skills.

Framing the Story: Creating the CEO Thought-Leadership Platform. We create a thought-leadership platform that defines the organization under your leadership, what you stand for and where you’re leading – not just your organization but every stakeholder your work touches. This may include co-authoring or ghostwriting books and articles or developing a speaking platform for public forums such as industry events or TED talks.

The Language of Leadership: Executive Speechwriting and Speech Coaching. We help you develop your leadership language so you can connect and inspire with audiences of all kinds, from employees to customers to partners and shareholders. We create breakthrough speeches that are crafted to be memorable and moving. In addition, speech- and media-coaching recalls you to leadership presence, whether your speaking in front of thousands of employees, on a call with analysts or one-on-one in an interview.

Taking a Stand: Reputation Management. It takes years to build a good reputation and often moments to lose it. We help the CEO assess the role of reputation and image in measuring the potential for success and market position of the organization. The process is tied to research and is closely integrated into program development.

Staying the Course: Risk Avoidance and Crisis Management. No organization is invincible. Being prepared, as a leader, to guide your organization through a time of crisis is critical. Our team of policy advisors assess risk and issues tied to the client company’s environment and develop strategies to minimize damage to a company’s reputation. We advise on sound and sensitive communication during a crisis period. Organizations today are particularly vulnerable to issues of diversity and sexual harassment.

“How much of my job is communication? One hundred percent, from the moment I get in the car to go to work.”
David Abney,
Chairman and CEO,

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